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Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #10 Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #10
3.40€  8.50€
Tattoo Art - A Photographic Sourcebook Tattoo Art - A Photographic Sourcebook
10.00€  14.50€
Kustom Car Magazine #3 Kustom Car Magazine #3
4.50€  9.50€
Smokin´ Shutdown Special 3/2008: Bomba Smokin´ Shutdown Special 3/2008: Bomba
3.50€  10.50€
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Vintage Torque Vol.7

19.00€  28.00€


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It is going to take a little bit more than some surface rust to put these cars in the grave. From master mechanics to shade tree weekenders, people are finally realizing a $10K paint job is not needed to have fun in your ride. Vintage Torque takes you to the events that focus on fun and comradery....not awards and one-upmanship. Leave that to the billet boys who have all that cash to throw away. They don't get it and probably never will. Check out the mini bike racing at Sins of Steel, the classy (not trashy) pin up contest at Symco Shakedown, and most of all - those amazing cars that are driven to the events. It is this mindset of driving and good times that set these shows apart from the big corporate hot rod scene. So take a gander at the fun that these cool cats and kittens can have.... and next time - join them and perhaps you can make the final cut on the next installment of Vintage Torque!

Contents: Bare Bones Polar Bear Cruise 2012 | Symco Shakedown 2011 | Relix CC - Relix Riot 2011 | Meltdown Drags 2011 | Sins of Steel 2011 | Billetproof Texas 2010 | Bombers CC Run Whatcha Brung Drag Fest 2011 | Cheaters Car Club - Cheaterama 2010 | Tin Butchers CC - Scrap Drive 2010 | Los Punk Rods - Greaserama 2011 | Relix CC - Relix Riot 2010 | Detroit Basement - 2012 | Miss Symco Pin Up Contest 2011 | Bare Bones Polar Bear Cruise 2011

Kesto 120 min.

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