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The Story of Finnish Bikers



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This book tells a story of the finnish bikers. It is not even trying to cover the whole history nor the whole scene, simply because many bikers refuse to talk about it, many do not want to be part of any book, and most of them could not even care less. It is also very difficult, if not even impossible, to create a one huge picture which would cover all the places, all the guys and all the events from the early days up untill today. So better to tell significant part of the story from the point of some bikers and their experiences.

Today there are around 400 back patch clubs in Finland in a population of plus 5 million, despite the fact that the police announced in early 1990's that they will curb the whole phenomena. At that time there was perhaps two dozen clubs around and today there are hundreds. Most of these clubs are small and pretty relaxed, but many are the real deal. Some of them are pretty hard core. Some of those are what the police officials call Criminal Biker Gangs or Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. They are the outlaw bikers, the 1%ers. Most of the stories and memories presented in this book are of those guys, from those guys, though other bikers have also contributed as well.

This book does not seek to scandalize the scene, make sensational exposures, reveal the evils or crimes, name the nameless bodies in mass graves, expose the tens of tons of narcotics hidden in some weird jet planes or yachts. Because there are none. Not that bikers are boy scouts, choir boys or the salvation army. Not at all. It is simply because the claim that the bikers are organised crime in a massive scale is simply not true. At least in Finland it isn't and this book is about finnish bikers.

This is the story of the Finnish Bikers.

Size: 21,5 x 14,5 cm. 204 pages.
In english.

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