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The Rodder´s Journal #73



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We're excited to announce that the freshly printed Rodder's Journal #73 will be heading to subscribers in the next week or so. This issue, both the subscriber and newsstand covers feature a supercharged, 525-horsepower 1957 Oldsmobile engine photographed in our studio. On the back cover, we showcase the "Long Beach Legend" 1936 Ford roadster during the golden hour. (Even though both covers feature the blown Olds engine, the subscriber cover-cover A-comes without a barcode or blurbs for a slightly cleaner look.)

Inside, TRJ #73 is loaded with hot rods, customs and stories from coast-to-coast and beyond. In fact, we photographed cars everywhere from the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to the Hawaiian island of Lanai. From a chopped, big block Chevy-powered '33 Ford to an East Coast custom survivor, there's no shortage of exciting material dating back more than half a century. Gassers, roadsters, reliability runs, artist profiles, you name it-you'll find it all in the newest Rodder's Journal.


Size: 28 x 23 cm, 170 pages.


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