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Gasoline 3/2007 Gasoline 3/2007
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Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #35 Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #35
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Supersonic Swingers - Around the World With the Art of Shag

23.20€  29.00€


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This new edition of Shag's Supersonic Swingers comes more than 10 years after its original publication. Fully revised and significantly expanded with more hip shaking, cocktail hour goodness. A sharp, graphic tour around the world with the art of Shag, this is an eye popping collection of old and new paintings all exuding a Man Men era sense of style and attitude.

Expect a great selection of artworks traversing Shag's depictions of many world destinations (both old and new), a glimpse at Shag's collection of souvenirs from his jetset days and a wonderful cocktail world map that evokes the best of mid-century travel aesthetic.

- greatly enhanced reproductions
- updated interview between Shag & McIntosh
- photographs of the artist's home & studio
- updated bylines and quips with each painting.

The original edition of this book has become highly treasured and sought after - this new edition will appeal to both newcomers to Shag and loyal followers. Readers with the original edition will enjoy this expanded edition with 50% brand new content.

Size: 28 X 23 cm, 96 pages.


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