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Hardcore Rod & Kustom #6 Hardcore Rod & Kustom #6
10.00€  19.80€
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Steampunk Jewelry



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By Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe.

After the success of Steampunk Fashion comes Spurgeon Vaughn Ratcliffe's next offering - STEAMPUNK JEWELRY - focusing on arguably the most enduring of steampunk arts. Featuring masters of the genre from all four corners of the globe, this is a riot of inspiration, ideas and sheer ingenuity which will be ultra useful for other artists, but which will enthrall aficionados of the movement.

The inventiveness which resuses vintage watch and clock movements, found brass objects, victorian gears, crystals, and a variety of metals, from brass, to bronze, silver and gold, is amazing. Same format, production quality and design direction as Steampunk Fashion, Steampunk Jewelry includes, in no particular order, the famed studios of Bionic Unicorn, Catherinette Rings, Steel Hip, Dr Brassy Steamington, Mechanique Steampunk and many, many more.

Koko: 25,5 x 19,5 cm, 159 sivua.



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