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Smokin´ Shutdown #11 Smokin´ Shutdown #11
5.00€  14.20€
Car Kulture DeLuxe #37 Car Kulture DeLuxe #37
3.00€  9.00€
Magic Moon Tattooing Vol.2 "Religious" Magic Moon Tattooing Vol.2 "Religious"
24.00€  29.00€
Inkslingers under huden - Personerna bakom kroppskonsten Inkslingers under huden - Personerna bakom kroppskonsten
20.00€  25.00€
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Slithers & Scales of Inspiration



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Slithers and Scales of Inspiration explores artistic interpretations of work by an extensive array of artists from around the world, all focusing on the themes of 'Reptiles, Amphibians, Dragons, and Dinosaurs.'

Art included with various creative mediums like tattoos, drawings, paintings, sculptures, graffiti, digital, photography, mixed media, and much more!

LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES (each copy is individually numbered)!


Size: 28,5 x 22 cm, 352 pages.


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