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Smokin´ Shutdown Special 3/2008: Bomba Smokin´ Shutdown Special 3/2008: Bomba
3.50€  10.50€
Pin Up America #6 Pin Up America #6
4.00€  8.00€
Primer #20 Primer #20
2.50€  6.00€
Primer #12 Primer #12
2.50€  5.50€
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Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine #31

3.40€  8.50€


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Our 5th Anniversary edition celebrates the talent of all female artists. So move over boys here come the girls....

Pinstripers : Li'l Dame, The Kandy Striper, Kit Kat Von Bitch and Beth Kearny
Tattoo Artistry supplied by Jessica Gough, Rachel McCarthy and Ally Cat
Lowbrow comes this time from Dawn Elaine Woodhouse, and Addictive Passions
Our Airbrush aficionados include Linda Tolind, Yrr Baldursdotir, Sam Cave, Shannon, Fiona Foz Foster, Gail Hendricks, Lorena Straffi & Tank Girl from South Africa
We look at the JNS Studios airbrushed footwear and the photo realism of Europe's Marissa Oosterlee

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