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The Rodder´s Journal #16 The Rodder´s Journal #16
14.00€  19.50€
Primer #15 Primer #15
2.50€  5.50€
Brittown - A Documentary film by Scott Di Lalla & Zack Coffman Brittown - A Documentary film by Scott Di Lalla & Zack Coffman
15.00€  28.00€
Traditional Rod & Kulture #21 Traditional Rod & Kulture #21
4.00€  9.50€
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New Blood Tattoo



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The world of tattoo has seen an explosion of creativity in the past few years, with a fantastic group of new artists from the US, Europe, Japan, Brazil and more, redefining the genre.

Allan Graves, owner of London's renowned Haunted Tattoo, has collected some of the best examples in this stunning book. Artists such as David Hale, Stuart Padgin, Ben Cheese, Sebastian Forsberg, Ramon Maiden and Alessia Pedrosa are mixing influences as disparate as Hindu iconography and European mediavelism, native American Art with Old Skool, Dia de los Muertos imagery with East Coast urban grit.

Printed on 160gsm paper and packed with vibrant new designs, this is a must-have whether you're looking to get inked or you're a tattoo artist looking for fresh inspiration. Stunning cover design by Ramon Maiden.

Size: 26 x 22,3 cm, 176 pages.


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