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Traditional Rod & Kulture #21 Traditional Rod & Kulture #21
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Hardcore Rod & Kustom #6 Hardcore Rod & Kustom #6
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Hardcore Rod & Kustom #3 Hardcore Rod & Kustom #3
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Primer #20 Primer #20
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Excavate - Unearthing Artistic Skeletal Remains



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Excavate: Unearthing Artistic Skeletal Remains explores artistic interpretations of skull and skeleton-focused work by an extensive array of artists from around the world. With various creative mediums included, Excavate is a treasure trove of cranial-themed inspiration.

There is one book with two different covers. This edition is the normal Edition with Rich Pineda artwork on cover.

Written, edited, and curated by Jinxi Caddel.


Size: 28,5 x 22 cm, 400 pages.



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