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The Rodder´s Journal #16 The Rodder´s Journal #16
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Animal Crackers - A Sketchbook by Amanda Doherty Animal Crackers - A Sketchbook by Amanda Doherty
50.00€  55.00€
Primer ladies´ t-shirt, white Primer ladies´ t-shirt, white
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Knock Yerself Out - Capobianco Knock Yerself Out - Capobianco
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600 Butterflies & Moths in Full Color



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The wonder and beauty of butterflies and moths - including their miraculous transformations - have fascinated nature enthusiasts for thousands of years.

Rendered from an exquisitely rare nineteenth-century portfolio, the butterfly hues and shapes that have dazzled humankind for centuries are displayed here with magnificent precision.

This illustrated archive bursts with sixty-one full-color plates of European butterflies and moths of every variety. Revel in the vast spectrum of intricate markings distinct to such species as the Swallowtail, Monarch, Painted Lady, Red Admiral, and many other fluttering favorites. Details of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged insects' favorite plant life also abound, providing enlightening glimpses into the workings of some of nature's most colorful and resplendent creatures.

Pure delight for artists, designers, entomologists, and butterfly lovers everywhere!

Reprint of European Butterflies and Moths, Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., London, 1882.


Size: 28 x 21 cm, 80 pages.


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