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100 Japanische Tattoo-Motive



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The japanese tradition in tattooing offers a much broader range of motifs than the stereotypical presentations of dragons, carps, and cherry blossoms. The American Jack Mosher has delved into the significanse and history behind motifs within the Japanese art of tattooing, and his work provides a glimpse into the variety existing within tattoo themes. He shows designs seldom seen in the West, which in this country is most likely due to the unfamialirity with their significance.

One hundred of Mosher´s drawings, encompassing demones, heroes, Buddhist motifs, as well as ghost sories, are complemented by the detailed descriptions provided by Dirk-Boris Rödel, Japanologist and chief-editor of TätowierMagazin. Rödel clarifies the motifs and often supplements them with interesting historical and background information.


Size: 34,5 x 25,5 cm, 224 pages.


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